activate is a practical training and goal-oriented mentoring program for church planters, for leaders of existing churches and for people who want to make a difference in the kingdom of God. We train leaders to inspirationally and passionately lead people into a deeper relationship with Jesus. We help the participants to further God’s kingdom wherever they are, to generate growth, to adventure out in new directions or to take first steps and start new churches.

Main focus

Relationship to Jesus
and theological competence

Effective structures
for building churches

and identity

and communication skills


The training consists of ten weekends spread over a year. Seven weekends of training will take place in Dresden and one weekend each will be held in Munich, Nordhorn and Bielefeld. Thus, you will have the opportunity to gain insight into four different and growing churches in Germany.
A mixture of experienced church leaders, church planters, theologians and experts in their field will make the training “church-based” and very practical. It is important to us to offer a training that is embedded in the centre of church life.

Are you already in the middle of a church planting project or are you involved with a church building project that needs to be further developed? Or do you have plans that are waiting to be realized? Then our mentoring-program will further assist you. In addition to the training weekends, we offer the possibility for you to consult experienced mentors and to take new paths and next steps with your project. Should you have no idea yet as to what project you could get involved with we would like to help you to find an already existing project in your church, to which you can contribute and apply what you have learned on our course.

Course content

Relationship to Jesus and theological competence:

The church of Jesus, the interpretation of the New Testament, focus Jesus (studying and passing on the gospels), basics of evangelism, preaching to glorify God, ethics and transformation and more.

Personality and identity:

Identity, a leader´s character, a life of prayer, hearing God’s voice, strengths and gifts, capacity for teamwork, servant leadership, family and marriage and more.

Effective structures for building churches:

Steps for planting churches, phases in the life of a church, suitable structures, building a team, pastoral ministry, vibrant services, the importance of the fivefold ministry, prophecy and more.

Leadership and communication skills:

Communicating vision, choosing a team and training leaders, mentoring, leading a service, preaching in a culturally relevant way, counselling, the art of leadership and more.


Dates 2019

25th-27th April 2019 (extended training time)

17th-18th May 2019

28th-29th June 2019

30th-31st August 2019

20th-21st September 2019

25th-26th October 2019

22nd-23rd November 2019

24th-25th January 2020

(All dates apply to the training in Germany.)

Friday’s Schedule

4.30 p.m. Arrival (Coffee & Tea)

5.00 p.m. Session 1

7.00 p.m. Break

7.30 p.m. Session 2

9.00 p.m. End

Saturday´s Schedule

9.00 a.m. Coffee & Tea

9.30 a.m. Session 3

11.00 a.m. Break

11.15 a.m. Session 4

12.30 a.m. Lunch break

1.30 p.m. Session 5

2.45 p.m. Break

3.00 p.m. Session 6

4.30 p.m. Departure*

* Alternatively we suggest making use of the option to remain until Sunday and to gain a deeper insight into the hosting local church. We recommend to all participants, to use this opportunity at least a couple of times.


The course fees are 480€ for all eight weekends for a single person. Married couples pay a combined fee of 680€. The registration fee is a once-off-cost of 50€ per person.
Course materials, stipends for the guest speakers, refreshments and small snacks are included in the fee. Food for all meals can be brought by the participants themselves or can be bought at the surrounding shops.


Each participant is responsible for his or her own accommodation. Should you need help finding in accommodation, please send an email to